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ABSOCODER® absolute position sensor

The ABSOCODER is NSD’s absolute position detection system for factory automation equipment. Its sensor detects machine movement and its converter electronically converts this movement amount.

The ABSOCODER is available in a wide range of model configurations, making it easy to incorporate into whatever system you use. Three sensor types include the VRE series single-turn configuration, the VLS series linear position detection configuration and the MRE series multi-turn configuration that features a combination of basic sensors and unique counting and sampling techniques using the VSC (Vernier Sensing Calculation) and V-scan methods for error-free position reading.

With any configuration, the ABSOCODER is:

  • Reliable — The position sensor’s absolute format delivers reliably accurate position detection, even when the power is off and accidental noise occurs.
  • Durable — Elimination of contact parts offers outstanding durability, even in poor environments and in the presence of vibration, shocks, extreme temperature, oil and dust.
  • Flexible — The wide variety of sensor configurations lets you select only the necessary optimum sensor and converter combination for your machine functions, minimizing costs and giving you the freedom to change the resolution, response speed and data format for each sensor type by using a different converter.

VARILIMIT® electronic linear cam switch system

The VARILIMIT system replaces conventional multi-port limit switches used for conveyors and other automated machinery. An MRE or VRE ABSOCODER detects machine distances (or angles), with preset ON/OFF switch signals being output when the target position is reached.


  • Reliable — Maintenance-free and provides freedom from troublesome limit switch adjustments and accurate direct position measurement. Resistant to industrial environments such as vibration, shock, temperature, oil and dust.
  • Easy-to-use — Makes installation easier and lets you change target positions at a touch from the control panel.
  • Efficient — An ideal way for improving efficiency of small-lot, multiple-product production systems that require frequent setup changes.



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VARICAM® electronic rotary cam switch system

The VARICAM system is a programmable controller that monitors and assists in the control of an operation or process that takes place during the time that the ABSOCODER position sensor shaft makes one complete revolution. It turns on and off switch outputs at programmed set points as the ABSOCODER monitors angular displacements of machine shaft.

The VARICAM system replaces traditional mechanical cam-operated multi-point limit switches used on packaging machinery, metalworking presses, printing presses, automatic assembly machines and food processing machinery.

VARICAM systems are available with an array of auxiliary functions, such as origin setting, teach-in programming, monitoring of position data outputs and an optional protected switch function.


  • Easy-to-use — Controller is compact and easy-to-operate and a number of programs and switch outputs can be selected by parameter setting.
  • Flexible — Switch output ON/OFF angles can be set in .5° units, up to eight programs registered at VS-5ED and 32 at VS-5EX, up to 40 switch outputs are possible with the VS-5EX, up to 24 with other models.
  • Maintenance-free — Provides freedom from troublesome cam adjustments and self-diagnostics by constantly monitoring operating status and operation of its own components.

CYLNUC programmable pneumatic cylinders

The CYLNUC cylinder incorporates a linear type ABSOCODER position sensor in the cylinder rod. The cylinder features a built-in, fully pneumatic brake system operated by a controller with a "self-learning" function that provides high-precision, multi-point positioning. It achieves a positioning accuracy of plus/minus 0.5 mm (0.02 in.), even at a cylinder operation speed as high as 500mm/sec.

  • Accurate — Position/velocity detection is achieved because the cylinder rod itself is a sensor. Due to the "self-learning" function, the accuracy of repeated positioning is greatly increased.
  • Strong — The built-in pneumatic brake provides a strong stopping action.
  • Efficient — The controller's "self-learning" function reduces overruns caused by load or air-pressure fluctuations.

For pneumatic-powered linear measurements, the CYLNUC is also available without the brake system. This allows you to control the CYLNUC as a standard cylinder, with the added benefit of having a built-in linear sensor.

CYLNUC is also available with a VS-CYLE smart-control programmable cylinder position controller that provides a high-performance actuation system for pneumatic applications. With a positioning accuracy of ±0.02 in. at operating speeds of up to 20 in./sec., this technology can often be used in place of electric motors to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of your actuation requirements.


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