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Heavy-duty new presses built for long-term, reliable performance

Enprotech will provide a press to suit your specific needs, just as we do for major automotive, appliance, aerospace and a variety of stamping, forging and molding applications. You’ll enjoy the benefits of proven engineering, quality workmanship, outstanding parts and service support.

Mechanical presses

Enprotech's Verson and Danly mechanical presses are known for their heavy-duty, proven designs and are built for continuous high production where accuracy and reliability are essential. We offer:

  • Transfer presses with Electronic Transfer Feeds
  • Double action presses
  • Tandem line presses
  • Extrusion presses
  • Link drive presses
  • Blanking presses
  • Progressive die presses

Link drives are specifically engineered to enhance the productivity of your next tandem line, transfer press, progressive die or high-speed blanking press. Fully automatic Quick Die Change systems with rolling bolsters and state-of-the-art controls are available to reduce downtime for die changes to as little as three minutes.

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Verson-LCM Hydraulic presses

Enprotech is the exclusive sales, marketing, distribution, technical and spare parts support group in the United States, Canada and Mexico for LCM hydraulic presses. LCM designs and produces hydraulic presses ranging between 50 and 15,000 tons capacity. Added to the existing Verson range of presses, this gives you the most comprehensive stable of hydraulic presses available to the metal forming and metal forging industries. We offer Verson-LCM:

  • Deep drawing presses
  • Hemming presses
  • Die-spotting and die-tryout presses
  • Forging presses
  • Sheet-molded compound (SMC) presses
  • Copper clad laminating (CCL) presses
  • Printed circuit board laminating presses

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Verson hydraulic and hydroforming presses

Verson hydraulic and hydroforming presses
Verson hydraulic presses are engineered for your die tryout, spotting, deep drawing, hot forming and forging applications. Wheelon fluid cell presses form large, irregularly shaped parts from aluminum, stainless and aerospace materials.

Verson hydroforming presses use fluid pressure instead of the punch in a conventional press to form the part into the shape of the die. This type of press is a cost-effective way to produce a single lightweight, structurally stiff and strong component that normally would be made from multiple pieces and stampings and welded together. An aluminum tube or “pillow” is placed inside a negative mold and high-pressure hydraulic pistons pressurize the inside of the aluminum to thousands of PSI, which causes it to expand until it matches the mold. This eliminates costly sub-assembly of multiple pieces and reduces weight by eliminating the flanges required for welding and allowing use of thinner material. Stiffness is maintained, however, because disjointed pieces and welds are eliminated.

Verson hydroform machines are recognized by the lighting, prototyping, and aerospace industries for their ability draw low volume parts without expensive tooling. Verson-Graebener tubular hydroforming presses form complex parts with fewer operations than conventional blanking, stamping, welding and machining processes.

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