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A full range of Verson-LCM hydraulic presses


Our selection of Verson-LCM hydraulic presses lets you choose the right press for your application. The presses are manufactured to the Japanese Industrial Standard - First Class (JIS - Class 1) — recognized as one of the highest press standards in the world — so you know your press will perform dependably for years.

Verson-LCM deep drawing presses

Verson-LCM deep drawing pressesChoose a deep drawing press from a broad range of sizes for deep-drawn, metal-forming applications including automotive body panels, oil pans, wheel spiders, refrigeration compressors, sinks and bath tubs, as well as all types of appliance components.

  Double Action Triple Action
Capacity 200-5,000 tons 1,000-2,750 tons
Bolster area to 4,500mm x 3,000mm to 3,500mm x 1,600mm
Stroke 700mm-1,800mm 1,300mm-1,850mm

Deep drawing press features and benefits:

  • Rigid-frame construction, stress relief annealed and precision machined for added durability and accuracy that meets JIS B-6403 1st Class standards
  • High-speed slide approach, controlled pressing speed and fast return speed for fast cycling and production
  • High-efficiency, low-maintenance pumps, motors and valves reduce power consumption
  • Hydraulic and electrical components specified for the North American market and available locally
  • Optional moving bolsters, hydraulic die clamping, slide locking devices and hydraulic cushions for added convenience, safety and versatility
  • Impact dampers for secondary blanking, piercing and trimming operations to reduce noise and vibration

Verson-LCM die-spotting and die-tryout presses

Verson-LCM die-spotting and die-tryout pressesDie-spotting presses are designed for matching and finishing of dies and molds with the convenience features to improve work efficiency, reduce cost and produce high-quality dies.  Use die-tryout presses for spotting, pre-production testing and limited production runs.

The presses’ high-rigidity frames and eight-point gib design ensure accuracy and excellent repeatability.

Die-spotting press features and benefits:

  • Automatic and manual (post) locking devices protect operator safety
  • Micro-inching system with accuracy of 0.05 mm ~ 1.00 mm
  • Inching positioning display accurate to 0.01 mm
  • Optional moving bolsters and 180-degree slide tilt functions make die handling convenient and improve in-press die finishing efficiency
  • Available with 50-300 tons pressing capacity; bolster areas to 4,600mm x 2,600mm; maximum die weights up to 100 tons

Die-tryout press features and benefits:

  • High-speed slide approach, controlled pressing speed and rapid return for fast cycling and production
  • Slide fitted with optical safety curtains and locking devices protect operator safety
  • Micro-inching system with accuracy of 0.05 mm ~ 1.00 mm
  • Inching positioning display accurate to 0.01 mm
  • Optional 180-degree slide tilt for convenient die handling
  • Available with 50-2,500 ton pressing capacity; bolster areas up to 5,000mm x 2,500mm; stroke lengths to 2,735 mm.

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Verson-LCM hemming presses

Verson-LCM hemming pressesHemming presses are widely used in automotive manufacturing for hemming of sheet-metal body components.

Hemming press features and benefits:

  • Die storage system for up to eight dies
  • Fully automatic die-changing system enhances productivity
  • Elevated or T-type automatic die storage and retrieval system saves floor space
  • Pressing capacity of 150 or 180 tons and 2,300mm x 2,300mm slide area

Verson-LCM forging presses

Verson-LCM forging pressesChoose from a broad range of hydraulic forging presses up to 15,000 tons pressing capacity, designed to support your special-purpose applications that require extrusion, sizing, draw and ironing, calibrating, coining and trimming.

Automate the process by integrating robotic loading and unloading units.

Verson-LCM SMC presses

 Verson-LCM SMC pressesUse hydraulic presses to form Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) in a variety of applications, including bath tubs, residential doors and automotive and appliance parts.

Our SMC presses are designed with rigid-frame construction, eight-point slide gibs and equipped with an intelligent leveling system to produce high-quality molded parts.

Verson-LCM CCL/PCB laminating hot presses

Verson-LCM Printed Circuit Board Laminating pressChoose hot platen presses and cold presses for Copper Clad Laminating (CCL), Printed Circuit Board Laminating (PCB), Pin Laminating and Multi-Layer Laminating.

  • Designs for 8, 12 and 20 openings
  • Heated platens
  • Optional transfer car, loader and unloader systems
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